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Our Natural Composter is a compost machine or container specially designed to make possible the decomposition of organic waste materials into nutrient-rich compost with the natural biological processes, we can say that it is the best way for waste management. Composting with natural composters is an eco-friendly or easy way to recycle and reduce organic waste, like kitchen waste, yard waste, and other biodegradable materials.


Natural Composter Models Details:

Models Natural Composter
Capacity Upto 20,000
Inbuilt Shredder Optional
Heater No
Operation Automatic
Composting Time Initial 15 days removal on a daily basis as ready
Compost Quality 100% Natural
Power Input 3 Phase
Capacitykg/day 100,500,1750,4000,20000


1. Inbuit Shredder(Optional MOC S.S 304): Our Composters have valuable addition with An inbuilt shredder with an optional Material of Construction (MOC) in stainless steel (SS 304). It Helps break down organic waste into smaller, more manageable pieces before or during the composting process.

2. Shredder Blades(SS 304 Dual Shaft): We provide Shredder blades in the composters made of stainless steel (SS 304) and designed with a dual-shaft configuration, which play a crucial role in breaking down organic materials into smaller particles, facilitating the composting process.

3. Mixing Chamber (SS 304 Only Fully Installed): Our Natural Composter constructed entirely from stainless steel (SS 304), established as a critical component for efficient and effective composting, it is an area where compostable materials are combined, mixed, and aerated to facilitate the composting process.

4. SHAFT & MIXING BLADES (SS 304 Only Advance design and automatic renewal): Shaft and mixing blades play a significant role in facilitating the mixing and aeration of compostable materials.

5. GEAR BOX (Classic Plus/HKHR/Equivalent): We provide Classic Plus, HKHR, equivalents Gear Box in the Composters. It Plays a crucial role in controlling the rotational movement of the parts like the mixing blades or aerating mechanisms.

6. MIXING MOTOR (Crompton Lubi Equivalent): Our Mixing Motors, equivalent to Crompton Lubi, can ensure smooth and consistent mixing of the composting materials. The purpose of the mixing motor is to ensure that the organic materials inside the composter are thoroughly mixed and aerated, promoting efficient decomposition and composting.

7. Control Panel (PLC Controlled with Display): Our Composters especially controlled by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with a display, into a natural composter can significantly increase its efficiency and usability.

8. OUTER BODY (SS 202 Optional MSPC Optional): Our machines made of stainless steel (SS 202) or Mild Steel with Protective Coating (MSPC), plays a significant role in the durability, creativity and functionality of the composters.


Kelvin Water Technologies is an Indian-based fastest-growing company that specializes in providing water, waste water treatment and solid waste management solutions and services. Our company offers a wide range of solid waste management, water and wastewater treatment technologies and services to various industries, municipalities, and commercial clients. Natural Composter is Our one of the letest product which are develoved and managed by experienced professionals. Our company focuses on customer service excellence and superior quality product supply, delivered through highly trained staff members who have invaluable experience and expertise in their field.

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  • AS Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) , We supply our products to 18+ nearby countries ensuring secure & timely delivery of products Exporting in Contries.
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  • We are MSME, NSIC, GEM, BIS, CSIR-CMERI registered. As manufacturer, we provide flexibility in size & capacity of machines as per customer requirement.
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    Natural Composting - FAQ

    Q1. What is a Natural Composter?

    Ans. A natural composter is a system that utilizes natural biological processes to decompose organic waste materials, like food scraps, yard waste, and other biodegradable items, into nutrient-rich compost.

    Q2. How does a natural composter work?

    Ans. Natural composters depend on the activity of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, and earthworms) to break down organic matter. Proper aeration, moisture control, and mixing facilitate the composting process.

    Q3. What are the benefits of using a natural composter?

    Ans. Natural composters reduce the amount of organic waste sent to landfills, produce valuable compost for gardening, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and promote sustainable waste management.

    Q4. Can I use a natural composter at home?

    Ans. Yes, many natural composters are designed for home use. They come in various sizes and styles, including compost bins, tumbler composters, and worm bins, making them suitable for households.

    Q5. What can I put in a Natural Composter?

    Ans. Yes, many natural composters are designed for home use. They come in various sizes and styles, including compost bins, tumbler composters, and worm bins, making them suitable for households.

    Q6. How long does it take to produce compost in a natural composter?

    Ans. The time it takes to produce compost varies depending on factors such as the composter's design, size, temperature, and the types of materials which added. our composter does not give compost till 12 days then after every 24 hours gives us high quality compost.

    Q7. Do natural composters require maintenance?

    Ans. Yes, natural composters require some maintenance. Regular turning or mixing of the compost, monitoring moisture levels, and ensuring proper aeration are common maintenance tasks.

    Q8. Can I compost in cold or hot weather?

    Ans. Composting can occur in both cold and hot weather, but the process may slow down during extreme temperatures. Proper insulation and moisture control can help maintain composting activity in extreme conditions.

    Q9. What can I do with the finished compost?

    Ans. Finished compost can be used to enrich garden soil, improve plant growth, and reduce the need for chemical fertilizers.

    Q10. Are natural composters environmentally friendly?

    Ans. Yes, natural composters are environmentally friendly because they reduce landfill waste, decrease methane emissions, and promote sustainable waste management practices.

    Q11. Can I compost in an apartment or without outdoor space?

    Ans. Yes, you can use indoor composting methods like vermicomposting (using worms) or Bokashi composting for apartment living or in homes without outdoor space.

    Q12. Are there any odor or pest issues with natural composters?

    Ans. Properly managed natural composters should not emit strong odors or attract pests. Maintaining a balance of green and brown materials and avoiding adding meat or dairy can help prevent these issues.

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