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Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP)

We serve a wide spectrum of industrial settings.
Some of them are listed below

ETP for Food & Beverage industry

Treats the effluent released from food and beverages industry such as suspended solids, total solids, BOD, COD, oils contents, dissolved grease, sugar, preservatives, color etc.

ETP for Automobile industry

With the rise and flourishment of automobile industries these days, there is an increased release of wastewater and highly contaminated effluent into the natural water sources which is a great threat to our environment. Kelvin’s ETP in such industries are of immense help.

ETP for hospitals

There are many units in hospitals which generate wastewater/effluent such as Patient wards & administration unit, Kitchen/canteen and laundry, Operating rooms and ICUs, Radiology & dialysis section, Laboratories etc. Proper treatment of hospital wastewater is very essential so that the environment and human health is protected from negative impact. Hence, a suitable ETP is very much required..

ETP for textile industry

Textile industry generates large amount of wastewater which varies greatly in composition of various chemicals used in processes like dyeing, printing, and various others. Discharging of untreated effluent from textile industries is highly hazardous to the environment. It causes pollution at the nearby locality giving serious health issues to human and marine life. To get rid of this problem, an ETP plays an important role.

ETP for pharmaceuticals

High strength organic effluents produced by pharmaceutical undertaking is a tough job to treat through conventional wastewater treatment technologies. Waste bulks generated in these industries can be heavily burdened with contaminants, toxins, nutrients, and organic content, presenting unique challenges for treatment, especially when the regulations become more stringent. Advanced ETP is a need of time for such industries.

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