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Baling Press Machine

Baling Press Machine are used for recyclable materials like paper & cardboard, plastic, polystyrene, cans, and drums, as well as metal and glass, although unorthodox materials like car bumpers can also be pressed

Commercial and industrial businesses use them primarily when they generate this type of waste in their production or daily operation and wish to dispose of it more sustainably. In the past few years, baling press have become increasingly popular in food production factories, hotels, supermarkets, wholesalers, warehouses, and restaurants.

Different Kelvin Variant for the Baling Press Machine:

Single Box Hydraulic Baling Press:-

The single box hydraulic baling press machine came up with the automatic variant.The single box hydraulic bailing press machine comes up with the difference in color like blue, green and yellow, it uses a single cylinder, and is unified with the single and three phases. The capacity of the single box hydraulic press machine is a substantial amount of 25 tons.

There is another variant of the single box hydraulic baling press machine is a substantial amount of 50 tons, this 50 tons, single box hydraulic baling press machine has the same bale size as the 40 tons variant, but the bale weight increased by 100-150 kg, this is the heaviest among the all three version, this machine carrey the weight of 1700 Kg.

There is another variant of the single box hydraulic baling press machine is a substantial amount of 75 tons, this 75 tons, single box hydraulic baling press machine has the same bale size as the 50 tons variant. The capacity of the single box hydraulic press machine is a substantial amount of 75 tons.

Double Action Hydraulic Scrap baling Press

The double action hydraulic scrap baling press machine comes with automatic grading; the bale size of this machine is 12*15*T, and the weight of this product is 20 to 30 kg. The Double Action Hydraulic Scrap baling Press Machine is unified with the use of 2 cylinders, and this product uses an electric motor that can be powered upto 20 HP. This machine is very heavy, weighing in at about 3750 kg. There are many uses for this machine in different industries, such as the steel furnace and steel industry or the metallurgical industry.

There is another variant of this machine that uses 4 cylinders and uses an electric motor that can produce up to 25 HP. This machine is extremely heavy, with a carrying weight of 7500 KG. The bale weight of this machine is approximately 35 to 50 KG

The Triple Action baling Machine

The Triple Action Baling Machine is one of the most powerful machines available. This machine features a Van Pump System oil drive and is constructed of 50 mm steel. The electric motor that drives the triple action baling machine has an RPM of 1440, three phases, and a maximum output of 25 HP. The working pressure is around 3000 PSI, the force on the main cylinders is about 100 tonnes, and the force on the side cylinders is about 120 tonnes. Per unit, this machine is highly expensiv.


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Baling Press Machine - FAQ

Q1. What Is Baling Press Machine?

Ans. A Baler Machine is a compacting equipment that employs a ram to compact and compress materials into rectangular bales that can be exported, stored, processed further, or recycled. They are intended to convert comparable and dissimilar trash into easy-to-handle and organise configurations.

Q2. What are the benefits of triple action baler?

  • Low overall operating cost
  • High productivity
  • Super high-density bales
  • Increased speed of movements
  • Lower cycle times using high-pressure pumps.
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy installation

Q3. What are the features of Triple Action baling Press Machine?

Ans. Triple Action baling Press Machine Benefits-

  • Robust design
  • PLC-controlled
  • Offered in both automatic and semi-automatic versions.
  • Hydraulic systems that are extremely efficient
  • Lubrication system for minimum wear and tear
  • Online chiller for chilling the hydraulic oil so that equipment can be used for extended hours.
  • Includes Check Valves and Limit Valves to avoid any accident.
  • Replaceable wear-resistant plates supplied.
  • Replaceable wear-resistant plates are included, as are shearing blades on the top lid and chamber edges for shearing large material.
  • Large volume of charge box
  • Comes with wired remote control.

Q4. What is the purpose of baling machine?

Ans. Balers, also known as baling machines, are used to compress scrap metal and waste material into solid slabs. Our hydraulic baling press can condense both ferrous and nonferrous metals to increase scrap density.

Q5. How do Hydraulic Press Machine work?

Ans. The hydraulic press is based on Pascal's law, which asserts that when pressure is applied to a confined fluid, pressure changes occur throughout the entire fluid. A piston acts as a pump within the hydraulic press, applying a small amount of mechanical force to a small region of the sample. Hydraulic Press Applications. A hydraulic press is utilised for practically every industrial application. Nonetheless, it is mostly employed to convert metallic things into metal sheets. It is also used in other industries to thin glass, make powders in the cosmetic business, and produce tablets for medical usage.

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